ParlConnect - Parliament Visitor Centre

The Parliament of Singapore has an exciting Parliament Visitor Centre, named ParlConnect, for walk-in visitors who wish to find out more about Parliament.

ParlConnect will be closed for renovation works from 9 to 21 October 2019. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

At ParlConnect visitors can learn about the various aspects of Parliament, such as its functions, historical developments, MPs and so on.

ParlConnect will engage visitors through its interactive features and multimedia displays. Visitors will have the opportunity to touch, hear and see the exhibits, surf the Parliament website, listen to landmark debates, watch an educational video, and view photographs and important documents. The newer features in ParlConnect include touch-screen Parliament app display and game booths with interactive games designed to attract the younger generation to learn more about parliamentary procedures.

Conveniently located in ParlConnect is the Parliament Shop, which sells a variety of unique parliamentary souvenirs and publications.

ParlConnect is situated at the public entrance of Parliament House along Parliament Place. Admission is free.

Opening Hours

9.00am -5.00pm daily, Mondays to Fridays

(Closed on public holidays)

For more information, please call the Education & Publicity Department at 6332 5543.