Architecture of the House

  • ParliamentHouse

    Parliament House

    In October 1999, Parliament House was officially opened. It occupies 2.2 hectares of land with a built-up area of 19,765 square metres. It comprises three new blocks and a restored colonial building.

  • Architecture-of-the-House-02

    Parliament House

    Designed by architects from the former Public Works Department, it features a strong facade, sturdy columns and an external grey color scheme. With this design, the House blends in with the surrounding buildings in the Civic District.

  • Architecture-of-the-House-03

    Electronic Voting System

    Apart from its dignified and stately appearance, the building is equipped to meet the growing needs of parliamentary business and the demands of information technology.

  • Architecture-of-the-House-04

    Ceremonial Entrance Hall

    The highlight of the House is its ceremonial entrance hall. The Parliament crest is mounted on a curved red granite wall is flanked by two sweeping grand staircase which leads to the Chambers.

  • Architecture-of-the-House-05

    Parliament Secretariat Office Block

    The current Parliament Secretariat Office block was first built as a Court House Annexe which opened in 1839. It was later enlarged in the 1880s to house the Government Printing Office. Subsequently the Public Works Development occupied the building from the late sixties until 1971 when it housed the Attorney-General’s Chambers till 1991.

  • TheCourtyard

    The Courtyard

    The courtyard, formerly Hallpike Street, is where the old meets the new. The Public Block (at the centre) links the restored Secretariat Office to the Front Block.

  • ChamberBlock

    Chamber Block

    The Chamber Block with its distinctive “colonnade” design, offers a paranomic view of the Singapore River. The surrounding grounds of the House are beautifully landscaped. The block overlooks a 2700-square-metre garden where parliamentary receptions are held.

  • ParliamentGarden

    Parliament Garden

    A scenic view of the Parliament garden with landscaped fountain pond, a gazebo and lots of flora. There are many other landscaped spots around Parliament grounds.